Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spinning the illegal immigrant issue

Moreno’s attorney, Rob Heroy, said he was confident Moreno would eventually be granted a so-called U visa, which allows illegal immigrants who are victims or witnesses in criminal investigations to stay in the country for up to four years. But only 10,000 such visas are available in any year, and while that process works its way through the system, Moreno remains in limbo.
“Now I’m unemployed,” Moreno said, speaking in Spanish through an interpreter. “I don’t have any money, not even for rent, not even for my phone — anything. ... The truth is I’m scared.” 

      I say deportation is the correct verdict for this person who has been in our country illegally for six years.  Granted he did a good deed, but this does not negate the fact of him also acting against our laws.   Back ten years  I had a very talented person from  Romania  here on a work visa with his wife.  He worked hard, payed taxes, was an engineer and while here he had two children.  Because he over staying his allotted time and had bad legal advise, he was arrested and put into jail, later to be deported back to Romania.  Not even letters from customers or the church could change the decision of the immigration authorities.  His wife, who also had a job, soon followed with her two American born children.  
    Mr. Moreno will have nothing to fear when he stands in line at the unemployment office and waits for his benefits to start.........


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