Wednesday, May 26, 2010


More important, it makes them eligible for $8.1 million in grants to pay for renewable energy efficiency projects. That money is going to be dished out by June 30, and the three communities will be able to immediately begin applying for a second round of grants available after July 1.

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll said one opportunity being considered in her city is a bike-sharing program. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is looking for someone to run a pilot program using motorized bicycles to reduce traffic congestion.
Bike sharing has been popular in Europe for years and Denver rolled out a version of it on Earth Day.
Driscoll said the bikes, equipped with a small, electric motor that can be engaged to power the bike, would be located at several charging stations around town. She thinks Salem State College would be a perfect place for a pilot program.

       Sounds more like China to me. Of course with no jobs and no where to drive to I guess a bike makes sense. But it does make one wonder what happens when the cold winds blow and the snow falls, kinda uncomfortable and difficult riding a bike, even one with a motor. All that peddling will help keep the doctor away and those medical bills down. (watch out for that icy patch)

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