Sunday, May 16, 2010


    Saturday was a lovely spring day in Massachusetts, we do not get many on the coast when the 'sea breeze' kicks in.  My husband and I had much to do and found this rally to be one of the activities to start our day.  The 'Tea Parties' we have attended outside of Boston have been relatively small in comparison but the people just as vocal and hell bent to show how mad and sad they are of the politicians that are now in office and the road they are taking our country.  This seemed to be the feeling of most passing by as per the honking of horns and thumbs up of support.
  One lady I spoke with was a city worker.  She told me as a child she remembered being scared of the Soviet Union and she is more scared today of what is happening in her own country.  Her children questioned her determination to be seen at a rally of this nature and she told them that you have to speak up for what you believe and not be afraid, it is after all still legal to do
   We left the plaza after an hour to continue with our day and head to the grand son's little league game in the next town, our next very important activity on a nice Massachusetts Saturday afternoon. Freedom is not Free


  1. Look at that motley group of violent racists who are bent on the destruction of the "American way of life".....

    I wish I had been there with you all.

  2. Great story. I'm going to re-post this on Facebook.


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