Sunday, May 16, 2010


  Sunday afternoon and still busy, on the way to soccer and to Lacrosse.
 Was invited by my husband to take a road trip this morning to Home Depot.  It is not far away and it is nice he still asks me to come along.
  I waited in the car because I was saving myself for those long walks to the playing fields later in the day.
Upon returning to the car he was laughing hysterically.  "This beats the cake" he says.  Now he says this often so I just wait for him to elaborate.  Seems when he was at the check out the lady asked to see his ID. Yes, ID... this man I have been married to for over forty (yes, oh my God) years.  Somethings are really hard to hid. She would not back down and said she had to ask and so did I.  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PURCHASE SPRAY PAINT UNLESS YOU ARE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE, IT IS THE LAW. (who knew?)  He is and he did and he will us the said white paint for only legal purposes, I know this man and will vouch for him....we have been married a long time. What else would you do with spray paint and is it still legal to purchase eggs, bleach, or laxatives with out showing your license?  Freedom is not Free

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