Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thoughts from a reformed smoker

I know smoking is a no no, that is why I quite. No one told me to quit, I made up my own mind all by myself. It was so hard to quit but I have been smoke free for 12 years. I was always considerate of those around me when I indulged and would ask if it was a bother to anyone else before I lit that cigarette. Back then in this country you could smoke inside and you were not banned to a designated spot in a cold parking lot to have your cigarette. All of that has changed, which I could have told you back then that it would because smoking is a no no and a vise to be taxed and controlled. OK, now the government is taking and outlawing smoking in our parks and on our beaches. Soon nothing will be without a price in this America and you will need a license to smoke and told when and how much you can do so. Freedom, we once had it.... one ex-smoker's opinion.

in reference to: Assembly approves smoking ban at state parks and beaches - latimes.com (view on Google Sidewiki)

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