Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Doctors to charge €1 more in protest

GPs are planning to break the terms of their contract by charging an extra €1 for consultations from next month in a long-running dispute over funding.

France's biggest doctors' union, the CSMF, is encouraging all of its members to charge patients €23 instead of €22 from April 12. Home visits will cost €33.

The union has been campaigning with other doctors' unions for a rise in the standard consultation fee. It says the government agreed to €23 in 2007.

Doctors in France sign up to a convention m├ędicale with the Assurance Maladie, fixing the fees they charge patients. Sector 1 GPs cannot exceed the limits, while Sector 2 doctors - many of whom are specialists - can charge extra.

The CSMF said in a statement that the number of practising GPs in France could be halved by 2025 if surgeries were not given more resources.

Doctors say low wages are discouraging young graduates from entering the profession, which means an increased number of patients per surgery as other doctors retire.

There are plans for a doctors' strike on April 8 - the second one-day walkout in a month. 

      The look of things to come if we do not overturn this disastrous bill.  They can hear the cry of 'baby killer' in the house but they can not hear the cry of 'kill the bill' from the majority of voters who wanted a no vote.

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