Monday, March 8, 2010

Schools' New Math: the Four-Day Week

Has anyone besides myself taken notice as how the government workers pay goes up and hours worked goes down? This is to save us, the worker bees money? It is way past the time to 're-due' these union contracts. It has always struck me funny that if the phone does not ring in my shop I have no work and no paycheck but still have to pay taxes, fees, sales tax, etc. If their are no fires, no banks being robbed, these fine public employees still receive their pay checks.
If nothing else, let us at least be able to re-negotiate these pay scales in times when the economy has dropped and people do not have money to pay for the roof over their heads.
The last thing our kids need is fewer days in school. Maybe, to save us all money, we should look to privatize the schools and even the postal service in the pursuit of balancing budgets.

in reference to: Districts Explore Shorter School Week - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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