Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Heaven knows we are not alone in this bucket of 'down tern' and it can be argued that the United States has the best medical care and medical technology in the world.  I see another angle to the Obamacare if it should pass:  Who will control the hospitals and for that matter the pay that a doctor should receive? Please be careful what you wish and vote for, it could come true and we could be facing what England and other socialized nations are facing, no matter what the economy looks like.

Gordon Brown today made a controversial pledge to freeze the pay of top civil servants, judges, generals and doctors to save £3 billion, as he made a pitch to British voters over his handling of the economy. Nurses and teachers are locked into three year pay deals which are not being revised which will give them more generous rises this year.

Doctors and GPs are likely to be most angered by their pay freezes which are linked to additional efficiency savings. They and prison officers will point to the 1.5 per cent rise for MPs which was announced last week and argue that with inflation rising the pay awards will amount to real terms cuts.


  1. A CLEAN SWEEP of all that are up for reelection in 2010, and all of the following elections!
    It's our only way!

  2. Obama is well on the way to be hated as much as Brown.
    Brown has destroyed England with 13 years of horrid policies.
    I hope obummer gets kicked out in less than 3 now!


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