Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another State Money Grab, Disquised as your Safety

   DANVERS — Water Street resident James Turcotte lived through the Danversport blast nearly 31/2 years ago.

   " It will make them feel good."  Properly piped, wired, and installed boilers, high pressure and low pressure alike, are opened up and STATE inspected yearly. At the explosion site a steam valve was left on.  The boiler didn't cause the explosion it was the lack of controls on the plant equipment.  If we are serious and want to protect everyone, everywhere, ALL low pressure steam boilers should have to have a licensed fireman checking them regularly.  A low pressure boiler doesn't know if  it's steam is being used for manufacturing or heating. Therefore ALL steam boilers should be checked regardless of size or location.  If your home has a steam system don't you want your family and your neighbors to be safe?
    This is just another way for the state to collect license fees, period...   Remember, this is the same legislature that now requires fishing licenses for the world's oceans.
    How far do we want to go for our personal protection?  Helmets for truck, bus and automobile drivers and passengers?  Why do race drivers wear head protection and 5 point safety belts?
  One of the very first electrical codes stated:  All electrical circuits shall be tested twice a day.  Well, if we did this, that would cut down on the number of electrocutions and fires.  If the electricity had been shut off that day at the plant, there wouldn't have been an explosion either.  Let's please fix the real problem and stop skirting around the real issues.  Hysteria is a normal reaction to a devastating occurrence, now we have to start thinking rationally, we can now act and not react.

Hat tip to Al for this letter to the editor and for again being the voice of reason being he has worked
in this field for over 45 years.

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