Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Pie For Your Vote.......

    Yes, for those in Congress who are on the fence and feel it is my money that should pay for abortions of others.... For those who would vote to turn our country into a communist country.... today I am offering for your vote, a home made baked pie or cookies of your choice. Any Democrat or Republican in office ready to vote yes on this shame of a bill called Obamacare is eligible. No artificial ingredients, and pure sugar produced in the US will be used in the baking process. Full ingredient disclosure will apply.  I am ready to put MY time and My expense to the task and do not expect anyone else to help me.
   Please vote NO and with your NO vote this will be my bribe gift to you.  Thank You for your consideration and see you all in November. 

PS apron and pot holders all made in America by Americans

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