Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tea Party in Town Yesterday

   Yesterday many turned out and gave up their day for the towns first tea party.  It was cold and no buses showed up with paid union demonstrators.  There was even some famous faces in the crowd.  The message was clear, stop spending our money!!!!   I personally spoke with a Democrat who was a Hillary supporter and who was so upset that our Senators decided to support Obama that she voted for McCain for President.


  1. I am surprised we haven't had one yet. Hope the Republicans didn't hijack it. It needs to remain a grassroots effort.

  2. There's a big Tea Party scheduled in KC for Tax Day. Hannity, Ingraham and a local conservative talk show host will be speaking before a large crowd on April 10th ($45/seat).

    I'll be attending one or both. The Tea season is fast approaching.

  3. Bill

    You can always travel to Boston or become an 'Organizer'

  4. Crucis

    Did you say you would attend? I would not pay to go to any Tea Party

  5. They are two separate things. The Tea Party is on the 15th, Hannity and Ingraham at on the 10th. You have to pay to see H & I, not the Tea Party.


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