Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday George Washington

Happy Birthday  George Washington.  It is your day regardless of what some might think and what is printed on the calender.  Politicians have wanted to change this day  to 'Presidents' Day'.
President's day connotes memories of some presidents I might not think highly enough of to honor on this day.  Some past presidents have disgraced the office and some have chosen to move the country away from liberty and more toward a big brother state.  You and our Founding Fathers were wise beyond your day and fought for a small government, one for the people and not against people's rights.  That cherry tree incident, when you were only six, was a good indicator of the man you would turn into when you grew up. 
So Happy Birthday George and say hello to Benjamin and Thomas for me and just so you know, we are still in a battle now to save our Constitution and our country.  We will carry on with the guidance from you and from God.


  1. Except---that Washington's birthday isn't until February 22nd. Neither is it Lincoln's Birthday which is on February 12th and a state holiday in Illinois.

    It's just an putz to get another 3-day holiday weekend.

  2. You are correct and I for one remember when all holidays did not fall on a Monday


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