Thursday, February 11, 2010

House Bill Bans cell phones while driving school bus

The next thing you will know is that they demand you have a drivers license too...................What next?


  1. you have to be kidding on this. this will essentially ban the use of the two-way radio that a bus driver needs in order to stay in contact with his central office.

  2. Griper
    Oh now, can't put one over on you. You must not be a politician?

  3. he laughs, nah, just an ex-school bus driver with the responsibility of carrying around a bunch of retards, cripples along with the deaf and dumb on the same streets that the crazies drive every day. but it was the best job that i enjoyed.

    the kids and i even went so far as to kidnap the4ir favorite teacher one day. she gave us all detention for that too but it was worth it. lol

  4. Never done that job, but gee, I think a bottle of strong stuff might work better than a cellphone?

  5. It was a fun job. BB.
    I let the kids have fun on the bus but let them know that when I said "Stop" they had crossed the boundries of having fun.

    You can't force kids to sit on a bus for hours at a time as if they are just mindless dummies. there were some I'd pick up at 5:30 in the morn and drop them off at school at 8:00.

    But most important of all, I treated the handicapped no differently than the others and I think I earned the respect of both groups for it.


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