Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

         Okay, I am awake and welcoming the new year with promise and a second cup of coffee.
While watching TV, it was brought to my attention some new laws going into effect this year.
This elected group makes the laws but does not always follow them.  Let us browse just a few: more states have told you it is against the law to smoke in bars and restaurants.  When I was a smoker and in a crowd the polite and considerate thing to do was to ask if someone was in objection and if so you just went outside or waited. Now it is the law?
     Texting while driving now law in many states.
     I am a good driver and would not even consider texting, eating, reading, talking on the cell, or anything that   would put me or anyone in danger when I am behind the wheel, just a common sense.
     No using trans fats in cooking in California restaurants now a law.
     Now here in the north east a helping of Fried Clams is known to be a delicacy and I do partake on occasion.
     I am smart enough to know this might not be the best for me and it is wise, on my part, being of sound mind,
     to maybe watch what I eat and make the choice on my own to what and where to eat.
    Tanning beds are now outlawed to some teens and soon this businesses will have a higher tax burden per the new Obamacare bill.
    I have tried these tanning beds... not for me.  Again it is my choice to use this service from someone who is just running a small business, creating jobs.  As for teens, they can buy beer, vote, have sex and get abortions but will not be able to use a tanning both?
   Yes, I am done babbling on with these random thoughts that came to me about the new world order and what used to be taught as common sense and taking responsibility for one's actions are slowly becoming law of the land.
Oh, one more, not a law just a cultural are becoming fat:  schools are not allowing outside recess or dodge ball in the school yard. 


  1. Happy New Year, Lady Di.
    I hope you have the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR, 2010, may
    this be your BEST year ever!

    It is also the start of the new world order. All these laws chipping away at freedom. One that has be really concerned is obummer signing away our rights with the Interpol thing. Soylent Green & Michelle Malkin wrote about it.

    Well, we'll try and put all their horrors out of our minds and ENJOY THE DAY! God Bless, ~ Bunni

  2. Happy new year L D. 2010 just has to be better
    than last year!


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