Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mass. places new rules on churches being used as temporary shelters

  Winter has only just begun and we have had two snow storms and record cold for the season so far.  Not only is it the season of Christmas and Hanukkah but seems like a good time to enforce new restrictions on churches with new regulations and codes and rules.

The boards of Building Regulations and Fire Prevention Regulations recently established that churches can now be used as temporary shelters for a maximum of 35 days – but for no more than seven consecutive days at any time – between Sept. 15 and June 15 each year.

A temporary certificate of occupancy must be obtained from the municipality, and no smoking is allowed in the church. In addition, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms must be installed and maintained.

Also, a plan showing occupancy capacity, a seating diagram, and the location of exits and aisles leading to exits must be posted near the main entrance, with a copy given to the Fire Department. The Fire Department must also both be notified before a church becomes a temporary shelter and know how many people will be sheltered.

   Please mr government man let the churches do what they have been doing RIGHT for years.  
  "It is really cold tonight and I just need a place to get out of the weather for just a short time, I promise I will not even glance at a crucifix or dip a finger into the holy water, I would just appreciate a quite warm break from the cold." 
  I can see this coming too, mandatory police officer on every church door step with metal detectors, and of course signs reading........

"Enter at Your Own Risk...But Only for a Few Minutes" 


  1. Notice they have licenses to acquire. I guess there are fees?

  2. And yes, it is all about the dollar. If in government the revenues are down well it is time for taxes to be increased to be paid by those who still do pay.


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