Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obama takes on Joblessness

Once again the president will go in front of the camera and teleprompter and talk jobs and money give-a-way.  (Doesn't this man ever stay home and read a book?) The plan in short is to give money (yours and mine) to save jobs.   

Now the government does not create jobs, it just gives money(?) to the states which in turn use it to pay police, teachers, city workers, etc. and avoid layoffs, which in turn gets the politician re-elected. These are entitlements and as far as layoffs, the private sector has had to layoff and cut jobs for the past two years.

A much better plan would be to cut taxes, stop unemployment checks, and open a manufacturing plant in Anytown, USA.  These would be non-union jobs and the pay scale would be based on ones ability to do the job, the ability to show up for the job and any medical insurance that the company would pay for.  I guess to keep it simple you could say this would be a capitalist system.

Man invents, makes, and sells a product or service..........it could work!  Get out of the way and lets make something.

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  1. If he cared about jobs, he would reverse the EPA's stupid decision to label CO2, a necessary gas for life, as a dangerous pollutant and stay the hell out of Copenhagen. Finally, he would not committing to passing cap and trade.


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