Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Democrats Reach Deal to Drop Government-Run Insurance Plan

PLEASE, PLEASE, do not fall for this revelation of the Dems dropping a government run health plan!
Once this piece of ----- is voted on, and it becomes the law of the land, those brain trusts and crooks on the hill will ------ with this plan and a 'trigger' will be met and a public government insurance plan will be born.

In my state a 3% sales tax was enacted years ago under the guise of being 'temporary' and it is now up to over 6%. We have an excise on motor vehicles that was to be temporary also.

My point is this Obamacare bill is not what the majority of the people want in any form because it will just lead us down the road of no return with amendments and addons.

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  1. Big whoop. Anything the government touches, they screw up. I'd much rather they just dropped the whole thing.

    Under the new plan, the gubmint would still be in control, still pulling the strings of regulation, rationing and waste.


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