Friday, November 20, 2009

Is this the flu shot, and are you a real doctor????

It was one of several herding operations that will culminate today with the inoculation of female, part of an experimental program designed to limit the population through contraception. The goal: reduce herd size -- which increases by 15% or more  -- to a manageable, healthier, less environmentally damaging...........

NO, NO, NO.....bison, but don't tell the progressive movement and be aware of and who will be administering that FLU shot ladies...............

Now go and start calling your senators to tell them to vote no on Obama care and have a good weekend regardless of  them not listening to you and voting yes...



  1. Get on the phone and bug the hell out of Mary Landrieu. Let her know you will ensure she is in her last days in the Senate.

  2. You're absolutely right on the not listening and voting yes, part. Which is why I just keep ridiculing them.

    Speaking of ridicule, I've moved Feed Your ADHD. Stop by for a visit when you can.


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