Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eve Of Distruction

       Been in the kitchen readying for the Thanksgiving feast this week.  I have been doing Thanksgiving dinner for over 40 years and it is one of my favorite holidays.

       Can not get the vote today out of my mind though .  I was in high school when this song came out and I feel it is as relevant today as it was those many years ago and I fear bad times ahead.
        I am Thankful... worked hard,  have a wonderful family.  Looking back, I am glad I lived in a time that seems simpler:  Christmas celebrated in school, pledge of allegiance and prayer before class, people helping people. I am glad I grew up in America when America was free, not perfect mind you, but free.
       God Bless America, Happy Thanksgiving....and back to the kitchen for me.  I am not complaining because things could always be worse................ couldn't they?

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