Monday, October 5, 2009

You Make Up The Title for This One

BOSTON — Massachusetts lawmakers are weighing a bill that would require the state and others to study how much they profited from the African slave trade.
The bill would force some of the oldest banking, financial and insurance institutions in Massachusetts to reach into their history to uncover links to the slave trade if they want to continue doing business with the state.
It would also authorize the secretary of state to produce a book documenting to what extent the state, reaching as far back as the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies, benefited from slavery through taxes or economic growth.

           Isn't this a great idea?  Our state along with the whole country is in a deep recession, stimulus is a failure, 
jobs are still being lost and this person wants to make a profit study on the African slave trade a top priority!
Just when you think you have herd it all, a politician jumps in to prove you wrong.  Well, I am of American Indian ancestry and I would like to reinstate term limits to clean house here and on a federal level! 



  1. My ancestors were victims too.

    Where do I pick up my check (at taxpayer expense, of course)?

    Or maybe the Kennedy family will cut the check because my family was, and therefore I am, a victim of society over the past two hundred years.

    I figure $50K per year for 200 years will satisfy me. When the check clears I won't be a victim anymore.

  2. Oh, Geez! Another colossal waste of time and treasure to placate a liberal's conscience and parasite's greed.


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