Thursday, October 8, 2009

Govenment Jobs.............a family affair

Nominee gets help from senator dad - John Bresnahan -

Many of our politicians believe political offices they seek are life time jobs for them and handed down to family members. Many are family affairs like: Pelosi, Kennedy, Biden, Clinton, Coakly, Dodd, Bush, Gore, to name but a few. Why do so many spend so much to get elected as mayor, governor, senator, when the pay is relatively low? Mayor Menino, (D) of Boston, is running for a FIFTH term!
Well, not as low paying as the jobs out their for us little people, but you get the point!


  1. That's 'cause he'll be in the best position to skim a little graft---Chicago style. It's all the rage in democrat circles these days.

  2. Hi Lady Di. I'm sick of all the graft and nepotism. I wish I had parents alive to help me get a job. Chicago is FULL of these types of incompetent clowns. Unfortunately, there is no new job for me. Gotta keep hanging on.


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