Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Did I get your attention?........Don't get too excited, these are plans for across the pond

 It sounds like a smashing idea thought, accountability for one doing ones job.  Oh, the America of old.... brings back memories of exchanging Christmas gifts with classmates, artificial Christmas trees in classrooms and even a short prayer before class would begin in the mornings..........I digress, sorry.............

     By just the ability to fire bad teachers, new ones could be hired at a better pay schedule.
  In my community last year more 'teacher educational days' were implemented as days off for the entire school.  Surely some of these teacher's educational days could be scheduled after the school calendar so as not to interfere with the school day..... school kids learning time. Our school year is getting shorter not longer.  Nice boy that Harry was.

The head teachers of every failing school in England would be replaced within a hundred days of a Tory election victory, Michael Gove promised today. The country's worst schools would be reopened as academies within 18 months of the general election, the Shadow Schools Secretary said.

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  1. The teachers union makes it hard to get rid of bad teachers.


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