Monday, October 19, 2009

Massachusetts health insurance and how it is not working

Without changes, the Medical Security Trust Fund, the pool of money that pays for health insurance for the unemployed, will end this year $6.2 million in the red and next year $84.9 million in deficit.
The health insurance program, which is funded solely by a tax on employers, helps middle-income people who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid and other state-subsidized health care programs designed for the poor. Since January, enrollment in the program has doubled, the state said, to roughly 34,000 people.

       Do you think the boys and girls in the back rooms in Washington should look at the situation in Massachusetts before they sign our future away with ObamaCare.  It is such a great idea to let companies pay for people who can not pay for themselves.  What is going to happen when there are no more companies to pay?  Please pass on this article..............there will be hell to pay!



  1. They should, but they won't. There have been good examples both out of Massachusetts and Oregon as to why the federal government should stay out, and the federal government still thinks it can do better.

  2. These states has forced out private health insurers. Now, they're forcing the producers to support "looters" of the public trough. I can guarantee you that the producers will be leaving. A world famous gun maker in MA relocated to GA this summer. I hear other companies are doing the same. Soon MA will be a waste-land populated by hordes of cannibals because they will be the only ones left and they'll have no resort but to start feeding on their own.

    A bit graphic, perhaps, but accurate.

  3. Crucis........
    we are not all stupid and some of us are making exit plans preceding the next revolution.


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