Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GOP's Snowe to vote for healthcare plan

GOP's Snowe to vote for healthcare plan Time for Snowe to go. She used to be a Republican but has been in office too long and needs to be replaced. We need Congress people to listen to the what the voters want....


  1. Olympia Snow has said that the Republican Party has drifted away from her.

    Impossible. The Republican Party has never countenanced socialism, at least so far. Snow has never been a part of the Republican Party. She's always been a stealth democrat.

  2. Snowe should go over to the dark side along with Arlen Specter. She's been one of the turncoat GOPers for years.

  3. What was even more disturbing were her comments afterward: She said that it wasn't the bill she would have wanted. But she voted for it anyway. Brilliant.

  4. How are we ever going to recover after this administration????


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