Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Democrats' planned public humiliation of Representative Joe Wilson could backfire badly

            Yes, Joe Wilson should have apologized for his outburst, he did, apology accepted.  I know some Democrats  would have liked to have seen him stoned in the town square. Shall we move on.

Now let's have an apology from Barney Frank, Finance Chairman, for his help in running Fanny and Freddy into the ground.  Let's have an apology from Charlie Rangel for not resigning from head of the tax committee and for thinking he could get away with cheating on his taxes.  

Let's have an apology from the Democrats in Washington for calling the American people, who are not for this power grab health reform bill, crazy gangs, run by Fox and the Republicans, and have no class! (really?)

Let's have an apology from the President for calling Kane West a 'Jackass' (he was right on that one) and telling the police in Boston that they were stupid.

I could go on but you get my point.  Our Congress, all of them, are an elitist group of people who truly believe that they know better then the American people they are sent to Washington to represent and are only there to benefit themselves.  They should all be apologizing to their constituents for screwing up the country with more laws, regulations, and taxes and running up the deficit. Throw the bums out, all of them!                   I said it.....no apology....   


  1. Democrats don't apologize for they are NEVER wrong.

  2. You forgot about the dems booing and heckling Bush during his State of the Union address in 2008. That was much more than Joe Wilson every did.

  3. I agree with LL. That is what the Dems think.

  4. Ditto to what Crucis said...they never even considered apology...b/c LL's right - they're never wrong.

    IMO, Joe Wilson should NOT have apologized. That's part of what's wrong w/ the Republican "establishment" - they're too willing to go along to get along. It's why Bush never fought back against the 8 year smear campaign against him (& the heckling in Congress), it's why John McCain hardly had a change. They need to stand UP, SET things STRAIGHT & stop letting the left wing radicals run circles around them!!!

    It may be time to clean the whole house out (except maybe Joe Wilson) & impose term limits...


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