Tuesday, September 15, 2009

POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK......................

News flash: House just spent an hour and voted to discipline Congressman Wilson for his outburst at the Presidents speech last week. No, nothing mentioned about Rangel, Frank, Dodd, or any of those saints that work for us in the House and Senate.  What the hell?  Instead of taking up important time with this 'dastardly deed' they should have spent the time watching the ACORN tapes and finding new ways to spend our money that no longer will be handed out to that corrupt organization!  


  1. Agreed, time would have been better spent figuring out how they could get every dime back from ACORN that taxpayers have seen part from the treasury and given to these law-breaking idiots.

  2. Absolutely. Those smug, holier-than-thou you-know-whats in Congress trying to "discipline" him for daring to go against the Emperor & tell the TRUTH!!

    Long live Joe Wilson!!!

  3. Our taxes (not) at work. Agree with Bill. The more time spent acting like a bunch of spoiled children at recess, the less time they have to spend on matters that need real attention. What a bunch of clowns we have in Congress!

  4. HO-ly crap! Is that Dick Dastardly? Awesome!

    It's all smoke, mirrors, and distraction to keep us occupied while they ram-through their agenda.

  5. No Steve, you were close. It is Snidely Whiplash! He was third seat 6th row at the President's speech last week.
    But thanks for coming by......


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