Thursday, September 3, 2009


BIG night next Wednesday, still another live speech by the President and why we should buy his Obama Care plan. I for one will be turning my attentions to activities and chores that need some attention and that ARE important. Please allow me to suggest just some . What to do list:
  1. Read the Constitution
  2. Polish the silverware and the guns
  3. Finish up those signs for the march on Washington
  4. Read to your kids and make sure they are in bed Early
  5. Clean the cat's litter box
  6. Cancel that subscription to the New York Times
  7. Go for a walk with the dog don't forget the baggies
  8. Go for a bike ride and don't forget your helmet
  9. Go for a ride in the car and buckle up that seat belt
  10. Drive to the nearest state with no sales tax and buy anything
  11. Call your Mom and Dad
  12. Play a family game like, find the change in the sofa
  13. Update your tax return to include your income from forgotten apartments you own
  14. Have dinner with the family
  15. Get that tattoo you have been saving for 'In God We Trust'
  16. Learn Spanish
  17. Defrost some of those 'hundred' you have been storing in the freezer
What not to do:
  1. Watch still another of the Presidents speeches

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