Saturday, September 26, 2009

Englands new confidentiality and knife injuries......

   Is this all part of that government health care that the Dems would like us have:

DOCTORS will be told to report patients who come to them with knife injuries to the police and disregard their confidentiality under new guidelines.
The doctor’s regulatory body, the General Medical Council (GMC), says even cases involving children with apparently accidental cuts should be reported. Currently, medics are only required to pass on to police details of patients with gunshot wounds.
Dr Henrietta Campbell, who chaired the GMC’s working group on confidentiality, which issued the guidelines, said: “Confidentiality is central to trust between patients and doctors, but it is still an area of ethics which challenges doctors more than any other.
“We are not asking doctors to force patients to speak to the police, but we are asking them to pass on information which will help the police protect patients, the public and staff from risks of serious harm.

   Well, what if I am in the kitchen late at night because I can not sleep. It is documented that I have trouble sleeping and I also like to eat. I am really hungry and proceed to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
I forgot to empty the dishwasher, my husband  being exceptionally demanding all that day.
So, I fumble around and find the only knife to make my sandwich.  This large butcher's knife is all I can find. I proceed to make this peanut butter and jelly sandwich, carefully spreading the peanut butter,  carefully spreading the jelly, (grape, I like grape jelly my husband who has been bossy all day wanted me to buy strawberry). All of a sudden my husband walks into the kitchen, startles me and walks into that great big giant butcher's knife because he wasn't watching where he was going because he is mean and won't let me have a kitty and I can't sleep.
NOW WHO'S TO BLAME FOR SUCH A HORRID ACCIDENT?  Now I would have the doctors to contend with also?  I mean if I lived in England and was up late at night and was hungry.  I am glad I live in America and tomorrow I am buying a kitty, one who likes grape jelly!!!
Damn Democrats.
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  1. Hi Lady Di!
    That is just the silliest law I've heard of. Englnad is really going down the tubes, thanks to new labor.

    I love your little kitty, that's adorable w/the chewing. Are you really buying a kitty tomorrow? If so, post a pic.
    Since you like kitties, I have a cute video up on my blog.
    Happy Weekend, Bunni

  2. Well, since they banned guns in England, I guess knife crimes have skyrocketed, so they are looking to tighten the noose Remember, if everyone followed the law, the government would make it stricter in order to enforce and promulgate it's power.

  3. Hi Bunni, thanks for visiting. Yes, Kitties are my favorite people. I lost my 21 year old 'Cujo' last year... still have the husband. I choose not to have another pet so as to be very mobile for when the situation could arise that calls for us leaving my country at short notice. I will take a look at that video.... Be Well


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