Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dancing With The Stars or Survivor ?

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The President is heading for the airways with his new and improved description of this medical plan we all need. I liked it better when he was on vacation, didn't have to look at him everyday. He better not preempt any of my mind numbing favorite shows! (mind numbing) The Obamacare that has been deemed best for us and also being jammed down our throats is not doing very well. Maybe he had a chance while on vacation to view news report of the town hall meetings going on around the nation.

I know I do not like and do not want this government plan implemented. I will not want this plan no matter who is trying to sell it. He is trying to distance himself from the Congress and the swell job they have done so far. Well sounds at least that might be a good plan since the voters are ready to fire every last one of them and many will see this is their last term to serve (serve?)

The President will bore us with the details of no insurance for illegals (till he makes them all legal) no added expense to the elderly (till he cuts medicare benefits to pay for the universal health for everyone)no wait for medical care when needed (till the shortage of doctors)you can stay with your current health plan (till the private insurance companies are put out of business by the government)

Yup, Dancing with The Stars it is, I would rather watch the 'two step' than the 'side step'.

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  1. I think of Dear Leader as a barker on top of a wagon, with a medicine show going on. Sort of a cross between Elmer Gantry and the Sham Wow guy -- peddling health care.

    There is an organ grinder that looks distressingly like Old Slow Joe Biden in the background and a monkey works the crowd for tips to pay for the national debt, doffing his hat with each penny contributed.

    A lady in the audience huddled close to the wagon looks at what Dear Leader is selling and asks, "What's in the bottle, Dear Leader?"

    Union thugs close in, pushing through the crowd suspecting the question could embarrass Dear Leader.

    Dear Leader: "Uh (squints at teleprompter) I'm not sure, I didn't actually blend this medicine, but I'm sure you'll like it. If not for the medicinal benefit, for the socially leveling value."

    Slow Joe Biden stops grinding the organ and applauds.

  2. Who does Obama think he is fooling, or does actually think the American people are just that stupid?

    I am beginning to think he is believing the latter..or his own bs too much.

  3. Obugger care is like the "Trojan House" the outside looks great, but the inside is packed with trouble for unsuspecting Americans.

    Thanks for your visit to Totus today. How did you find my blog?


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