Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who gets Health Care?

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Just got to see the last of the live interview with the President and Mr. Smerconish, the conservative talk show host who supported him the the 2008 election. One of the questions asked by a caller was the illegal immigrants being granted health insurance under his plan. The President proceeded to convey no insurance for illegals, except of course if they or a family member finds himself in the emergency room of a hospital. He, stated in short, we can not allow a sick child to go back to the playground with the other children. Now nothing was mentioned about he and others wanting to make ILLEGALS all LEGAL, what then? I guess if we allow all to be legal than all will be covered by this new health plan he is pushing. And how will I be able to afford my plan and pay for the illegal and his or her or them plan. I still am not buying said President's plan. This is just one small aspect of the universal health plan, that if passed, will for sure be full of 'amendments' to follow.
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  1. Obama is excellent at defending and describing a healthcare plan that is not written and changes daily. Any Conservative who fails to put him on the spot is no Conservative. Can you spell RINO?

  2. And make no mistake, amnesty will be the next thing on the agenda once the smoke clears a little. Not too clear though...he's got to juggle lots of stuff all at once so we can't keep up with the CHANGE happening right before our eyes.


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