Friday, August 21, 2009

Ending the Dynasty of Kennedy

Just say no . . . to Teddy’s shenanigans -

No, no, a thousand times no to this last Kennedy play.

Here’s what this naked political ploy boils down to:

Sen. Ted Kennedy is basically asking the Massachusetts Legislature to repeal a law that he personally pushed through that very same Legislature in 2004. He would gut his own law in order to give a very unpopular governor the right to appoint a rubberstamp who might - might - provide the 60th vote in the Senate to ram through this Obama-care monstrosity that is vehemently opposed by an ever-growing majority of the American people.

Senator Kennedy is not allowed to keep changing the laws in Massachusetts, the dynasty can be allowed to end here.


  1. He would not try this with a Republican governor. But the people of Massachusetts seem oddly complacent about their leftist situation. Not unlike CA. I hope some of them are waking up.

  2. As you said to me once...term limits! Teddy should never have been allowed to remain in office so long and become so powerful.


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