Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just a follow up to yesterday's post and the town hall being conducted by phone. Most of last night was spent at a board of appeals meeting in my town because all sides of an issue must be heard. Anyway, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I and a band of the 'mob' will be gathering at Rep. Tierney's office tomorrow at 1:00 PM to demonstrating our displeasure in the fact that he has canceled his town hall meeting regarding the President's Health reform bill. We have questions for him and would like our opinions known and brought to the attention of those in Washington. I have much I could be doing but at this point we really have to turn out and show our numbers. Anything worthwhile is worth fighting for. At N.H. forum, Obama hits back at ‘wild’ criticism of health bill
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  1. Just watched Sen. Grassley's town hall. What a class act. He was the only one I noted that at least was taking notes himself. The crowd also seemed very respectful and questions were also asked by supporters of the universal plan.


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