Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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Tierney is opting for a "telephone town hall" to reach as large an audience as possible, not to avoid vocal opponents of proposed changes to the nation's health care system, he said. A meeting reaches 50 to 200 attendees, while a conference call set up so people can ask questions and hear responses over the phone can involve upward of 30,000 constituents, according to Tierney.

The Salem Democrat's choice has created an early line of attack for his Republican challenger in 2010.

"(Tierney) is a representative of the people in this district," lawyer Bill Hudak of Boxford said yesterday. "Why he is choosing not to speak with his constituents directly is a mystery to me."

Yup, that is what my elected (not by me) official has decided to do, telephone meeting. Not so surprising, due to the fact that I was an attendee at one of his last meetings in Newburyport this spring. We had a packed house with 'Tea Party Patriots' with full signage in hand. These representatives should meet with their constituents (the unpaid to attend ones) to see first hand the anger and frustration these socialist plans are creating. The people that are attending are giving of their time that could be well spent at the beach or with the grand kids, this is how strongly we feel. So Mr. Tierney, please reconsider and meet with your constituents instead of 'calling it in'!

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  1. Chicken! Who do you represent Tierney? The people or Obama?

  2. I thought that the new ObamaNation Democrats were promising to meet with the people. Wasn't that the big campaign cry? Transparency was their other rallying cry.

    Let me see - does transparency mean "just sign the bill, don't read it"?

  3. Lets keep their feet to the fire. I have a feeling more of our 'employees' will be calling in sick. The President is in our neighboring state of New Hampshire, if I did not have to work, I would be at that meeting!!!!

  4. How do you hold a town hall meeting over the phone? If he doesn't want to answer your question, do you get a busy signal. I don't get it. This guy has no b*lls and no good answers so he can't do it in person...the people know more about the bill than they do.


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