Monday, August 31, 2009


50 more years of war or pass Energy and Climate Change? It's an East - West story of global war since the Marathon and Greco-Persian Wars, how many thousands of years? Then Western Colonialism of the world, and oil seizure in the Mid-East and partitioning of their tribes. Then Israel to heal the guilt of the West while denying Palestinians similar homeland. Are we surprised by September 11? Not if you know history from high school.
Why do you say the environment always comes last? In this country rules and regulations abound in regards to our natural resources. We can not fish our waters and we are being told we can not drill in our waters, we can also not put a wind farm in our waters.
Our government has said more money will be handed out to farmers to plant trees instead of food, kinda like corn and ethanol, what a great idea that was. We are even turning off water to farmers in California, an environmental issue?
It is a fact, residence in the northeast are fighting to keep wind farms off the mountains and out of their communities.
Do we want to get off depending on other countries for our oil or do we just say we want to get off the dependence of foreign oil? We have to do one or the other. Wind, Solar, Nuclear, I vote all three. Do we want these jobs, can't send them overseas? What else do we have that is not government?
We have to decide or the next war could be in this country, again.
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