Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Out To Lunch

State lawmakers eating us out of House and home - BostonHerald.com: "The care and feeding of state lawmakers is soaking strapped taxpayers for hundreds of thousands of dollars as solons spruce up their State House digs and order tasty take-out while approving nearly $1 billion in new taxes. Spending by lawmakers from a little known reserve fund included more than $126,000 on food from Sam LaGrassa’s, Milano’s Deli and the 21st Amendment bar and restaurant across from the State House over the past two years. Another $227,000 went for new rugs, wood refinishing and other office improvements, while lawmakers shelled out $9,000 on office furniture and $600 for “art hanging.”" Lets break for lunch. This office is sure looking shabby. Lets see, shag or oriental? No, this is not me strolling down the isles at Low's this is happening in the Massachusetts House, looking for ways to spend our money on meaningful programs, tax increases. Get those furnishings bought before August. This is when the sales tax hike you voted for goes into effect. Is this the so called Stimulus Plan??
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  1. Sounds like they are enjoying their lifestyle at our expense.

  2. Legislators understand there offices will usually be a considerable distance of home. Why they need a per diem for food is beyond me? Have you ever met a legislator that has returned a poor man? Surely they can afford the meals they ate before they went to office.

  3. Aren't they entitled to it? They're running our country so well, it's the least we can do.


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