Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ban The Knife

Colin Knox and his ex-wife Sally have called for a mandatory minimum six-month jail sentence for people caught carrying knives and met Mr Johnson and Gordon Brown on Monday to push that proposal.

Of the Government's efforts to tackle the problem, Mr Knox said: “There are a lot of good things going on out there, but they’re using TCP on a large open wound and they need to stitch it up.

"A mandatory custodial sentence would take the carrier off the street. If you take the perpetrator who carries a knife, and will be tomorrow’s murderer, take him into an institution where you change his way of thinking and hopefully when he comes out his mindset has changed.

“Get them off the streets first, get the streets safer and deal with these people. Talk to them and see what they think about, change their way of thinking.”

The TKAP was launched after a series of high profile teenage stabbings last year, including that of Knox.

Despite its lacklustre results, the Home Office-led initiative will now be extended into a second phase, with £5 million available to the 10 original forces and six others.

The programme will now focus on all forms of serious violence among 13 to 24-year-olds.

Try as you will but you can not legislate hate. What is the difference between a hate crime and a non-hate crime? There will always be violence and people who can not be rehabilitated into society.

Take away the guns.. knives will be used, Take away the will be used to commit the deed. Trying to ban all weapons will only mean the innocent would be protected! This story caught my eye and hopefully not some of our lawmakers diligent in the pursuit to take away the gun rights in the USA.

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