Monday, March 16, 2015

To Be A Push Button

I have been away for a bit, but this subject deserved more than 140 words.
I have been at my desk and running a small business, getting smaller by the year,
for over 30 years and have seen much government intervention and interference with production
in the name of progress.
New rules, procedures, and regulations are written everyday by those who have never run
a company, let alone worked for one.  This would be fine but the government is now SO big they
can not keep up with last months rules let a lone more rules.  And besides, the stock out there
is not even capable of doing said job, accountability in government, NONE.  When was the last
person fired that did not do their job properly?  Ya, I know. 
I would say today was the last straw, but I am sure I will be amazed again tomorrow with either
my own legislator and their ideas of good for you and me:

21 days notice of work schedules, if they change, penalties, that means money to government

payroll tax of 0.75 (this year) on EARNERS of 100,000 or more for MBTA

another bill for illegals to get driving licenses

Medicare for all in Massachusetts - payroll tax of 7.5% creating a 10% tax on self employed

Now to conclude what everyone in industry, manufacturing in these United States must
make sure is included on a Bush Button

Hope you are not bored and can now understand by this example, what would Buick look like when government get through with it.  The paperwork would not FIT in a Buick!

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