Friday, May 23, 2014

Time for a Pow Wow

I will start with the fact that I too have Indian blood and in no way have ever taken advantage of this fact..............well, maybe as a kid playing cowboys and Indians with my cousins.......besides that.
Please people realize your politicians where elected to protect and serve the Constitution and not to change it or the will of the majority of American citizens.
I see the the junior Senator from Massachusetts Liz Warren is among the 50, yes 50, who are pressing for the name change of the Washington Red Skins. If this is allowed because of a few, let alone the controversy of Liz's heritage, you might just start the procedure and change ALL names of ALL sports teams in America; Patriots, Trojans, Celtics, and of course the peewee town football leagues to name some!  Believe me, nothing this new Socialized Government Politicians will only spread to more restrictions as follows.
The Massachusetts, Democratic ruled legislature pass a budget last night and in doing so saw the opportunity to see fit to make the Bottle Bill now include water and sports drinks............get the picture?  Cigarettes were once BANNED in restaurant and has since grown to include behind the tree in one's back yard (sarcasm)!
Now on a personal note.  I have been spending mush of the past months on Twitter but find some subjects cannot be fully appreciated in only 140 characters.  Thank you to those who follow me and to new friends.  Hope you have a blessed Memorial Day (which use to be the 30 of May)! Nuff Said

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