Friday, August 30, 2013

The Second Amendment being challanged again where the fight for freedom all begain......................

 The wisdom of my Democratic party in Massachusetts never ceases to amaze me.  New gun laws are to be proposed to make the politically uniformed feel safer and give more control to the government by taking away said.  We are at the brink of no return as government takes over the care and mind of the citizenry and of those who soon will be allowed to stay after crossing our boarder illegally.  All that government is doing just makes it more important for the legal gun owner to keep his legally obtained firearm and not make it more difficult to buy ammo, when of course ammo can be found and purchased.  
Why is the government buying up all the ammo and why are police forces around the country purchasing heavy armored vehicles that once would be seen only in the military?  Is something about to happen on our own ground in regards to higher taxes, more not working, and more soon to be coming??????
Politely but firmly urge them to abandon their anti-gun agenda and start working to restore your rights.

Insist they OPPOSE bills like H.47 -- Governor Deval Patrick's draconian anti-gun proposal that would rival or exceed the new Connecticut and New York laws.

His bill would enact a strict gun and magazine ban, outlawing the possession of magazines and firearms that can hold more than seven rounds of ammunition. It would also impose a universal gun registration scheme.
Unfortunately H.47 is just the tip of the iceberg!!!

The following is just a sample from the committee's agenda:
*** H 3255 -- Creates a statewide gun offender registry, putting gun owners on par with sex offenders;

*** S 1163 -- A bill to study government-mandated GPS devices on firearms;

*** S 1157 -- A GUN CONFISCATION bill;

*** S 1120 -- A so-called "gun-trafficking" bill aimed at criminalizing more gun sales;

*** H 3430 -- Creates a "Firearm and Mental Health Fitness Information Registry;" and,

*** H 3270 -- A bill to expand the list of excuses to deny you a firearms license.

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