Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Funny Thing Happened at the Supply House

That’s because along with the promised tax rate reduction, President Obama would broaden the tax base by eliminating many of the deductions and preferences available under today’s law.

    Why does the President feel it necessary to go to community colleges and make campaign speeches?  Could it be that at said colleges is many a government worker who along with good wages for half a years work, will receive pensions and health care, paid with tax dollars, for as long as the good Lord allows them to take up space on this planet or that space on this planet is no more.
   Detroit is a fine example of good intentions, along with unsustainable pension and health care cost, gone very wrong.   For years politicians have written laws and promised unions that all is well and raising taxes, be it gas, cigarette, tolls, or sales , will keep the gravy train of recession proof funds rolling in.  Wrong.  In fact, Greece and other European see that government companies and services are better served by private industry and the sell off has begun. Well maybe see is the wrong word but if they want another bailout, they have to sell somethings and start cutting costs.
  I am private industry.  I pay my taxes.  I pay for 50% of my employees health insurance and am charged a percentage from the state for those in the insurance pool.
  While at the supply house this morning my husband was personally confronted by a 'professional' tradesman who happens to work at the local college.  I will interject that this said local college has for years been expanding and buying up closed industrial and business properties along with homes that once paid taxes.  The subject of Detroit was brought up and did not fair well with this government employee.
To make a long story short, this 'professional', finger raised and pointed in my husbands face, informed him and all who could hear,  " Massachusetts can not go Bankrupt and you, (the private business worker and owner) will be paying my pension and insurance for ever"!  Well, needless to say, my husband, proud to say, decided on his own that this might just be a good time to leave the supply house and end this discussion with someone who has no idea that all good things come to an end and that even in Detroit the earth is taken back what so many have squandered, including old industrial and business properties.

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