Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From Boston: it was Patriot's Day

     I have lived 20 miles outside of Boston my whole life.  I have never attended the marathon but know many who have and who have also participated in the race.
    The first thing I thought of when this disaster hits is where the family might be on this beginning day of school vacation week.  Then I prayed for the families involved in this senseless act of terror.  And this morning I am just really angry as I sit at my desk at work.
    I have been focused the last few weeks on the new laws that will soon be upon us because of the shootings in Newtown. Again, not to take away from the tragedies we deal with in this country but what would it be like if the progressives have their way and no one was allowed to have a weapon to defend and protect.  We will not profile, we will not detain illegals on the streets, politicians and judges eliminate the death penalty from our court system and we, the legal citizens, are asked not to protect ourselves at best and turned into the criminal at worst if we do not favor more gun control. 
   Patriot's day will continue as a holiday and the reenactment will continue on Lexington Green.  Here's hopes that Americans will not allow more liberties to be taken away in the name of some heartless doings of some crazy person or some terrorist group of people. Our country is in decline and we need to face the fact and we need to prepare for what is coming next.

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