Friday, January 18, 2013

     What happens when a country, any country, depends more on a government rule than the rule by the people? Is higher taxes on those who still pay taxes going to stop wasted spending and over spending?  I think not. 
      Finally after months of nothing, I did receive a telephone inquiry on job openings a few days ago.  I told the gentleman that we were not hiring at the moment (still not hiring after five years) but send along your resume and we would surely take a look at it.  As of yet, no resume.  Also have heard in the past week of dismissals of employees, management positions, at a similar company as mine.
     We are still holding our own but no increase in wages are seen in the near future, including in ours that were cut years ago.    
       As I and my family prepare for the worse, the following are stories of those who did, and did not wait till the bitter end. 
       As this administration pushes for more patriotic tax increases, the end to the word illegal, and the continuation of money printing, the American people see their grocery bills go up along with the sales of guns and ammo......

MUNICH/STUTTGART – “Thirty-five years ago this place here was my paradise,” said Andreas, sitting with his 4-year-old son at a playground in Giesing, a suburb of Munich.
Born in Germany 38 years ago, Andreas, who did not want to give his full name, moved with his family to Greece at the age of 6. Now, more three decades later, he has joined the ranks of Greeks who, hit by the lingering debt crisis, are traveling in the opposite direction.
“Our decision left everyone speechless,” said Andreas, who has two more children. In Greece he worked as a civil servant while his wife was employed in the private sector. The financial crisis had taken a toll on the family budget, he said, “but we could still make ends meet.”
What made the couple decide to leave the country, he says, was the children. “It would be selfish to stay here, given the way things are going,” he said, adding that the next generation of Greeks was left with no meaningful prospects.
“Over the coming years, we would need about 1,000 euros per month just to cover the kids’ private tuition fees,” he said.
German jobs held by Greeks climbed 10.8 percent to reach 123,300 overall last year, according to recent figures by Germany’s Federal Employment Agency.
Greece’s unemployment rate currently hovers around 27 percent, according to official figures. In contrast, Germany saw the number people in employment rise last year by 416,000 to a total of 41.5 million, which was an increase of 1 percent on 2011.
Andreas, who has a good command of the German language and is already familiar with this Bavarian town, first took a sabbatical from his office in Greece and began to search online for a new job in Germany.


  1. Only 27% unemployment in Greece?

    The numbers and stats in the US are stacked in many locations to reflect lower unemployment than that - but it looks like the day may be coming when Americans flee to Greece for job opportunities and that attractive 27% number (which means 73% employment).

  2. Yes, I agree that the figures the govt sends out are most always stacked, only to be 'revised' at a later date. Even if the money moves, it does not change the fact that the America we knew, grew up free in, is gone.


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