Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Day, Another Tax Increase.............

...................for those of us that still choose to work and hang on to a small business while watching it and our bank accounts getting increasingly smaller.

           Along with the re-election of Obama and the added federal taxes coming our way, we are looking at new State taxes.  The story has been told before many times, " the people want improvements to the infrastructure and education."  Yes we do! But where has all the tax dollars gone in previous years when we were told it was going towards those same projects.
           We have 'mini me' in the governor's seat in Massachusetts.  And he, like his mentor, has issued a budget with more increases to taxes already in place with some new ones to boot!
           King George had nothing over the crew that now sits in control of the American people.  How much more will it take till the people rise up and take charge.  Sometimes I think we have become a nation of wimps and are fine with the classes that now exist - the ruling class and the rest of us!

Beacon Hill leaders already were getting an earful from constituents about Gov. Deval Patrick’s proposed income tax hike before he announced a new wave of taxes yesterday on sugary snacks, tobacco and even water in his budget for the coming fiscal year.
“I told him there were a lot of emails in, saying that people’s Social Security has gone up, the cost of daycare, the cost of food,” Senate President Therese Murray told the Herald yesterday. “And they’re very concerned about an increase in the income tax.”
She estimated her office has already received at least 100 emails railing against the proposed 6.25 percent income tax hike.


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