Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We have already gone over the cliff

     Like Cher said in a movie, years ago before she was badmouthing the 'Tea Party'.........."Snap out of It"

      Do this older citizens believe that the government is really going to take away their social security? The bigger problem for them will be when Obamacare kicks in. 
 We all need to give a little and if the rich are being forced out of the country and more and more are on unemployment and welfare, where is the money to come from and from whom???  Don't look now but cities and towns are broke and looking for more stimulus money disguised as road and bridge repair projects.  Our taxes have not paid for road and bridge repairs for years but are going to pay promised pensions and health insurance of government workers.
We are living much longer and most of us have to work beyond the day we set for retirement years ago anyway.  If a simple act of raising the retirement age would help us get out of the mess our politicians created for us, then so be it.

The national debt clock is spinning faster every year.
At last check, it was approaching $16.4 trillion. Just four years ago, it was $10.6 trillion.
The skyrocketing number is, to say the least, reason for concern for every American.
Here's why:
As of today, every household in the United States owes about $140,000 of this debt.
The country is borrowing roughly $6 billion every day, and $239 million every hour. Put another way, that's $4 million every minute.
The country runs up so much debt for a fairly basic reason -- it spends far more than it takes in. This year, for every dollar in revenue the federal government brought in, it spent two dollars and six cents. That shortfall over the course of the year adds up to the annual deficit. The national debt -- or total accumulated debt -- is the sum of all annual deficits, minus any surpluses.
Politicians talk about deficits and the debt all the time. But how to get politicians to come to some agreement to get the debt clock to slow down, or even tick back the other way, continues to be a challenge.


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  1. Yes they do believe they will loose their Social Security.Most of the crowd falling for this line of BS support DemocRats


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