Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New Year

      The question of the day is who will blink in the battle to raise taxes on just a few while spending cuts wait till next year or even two years from now or when ever.
      The problem is not who but when.  We have already gone over the cliff as far as I can see.  How can the people who put our country in this state be the people to get us out.  The Congress has no guts for the real solution............stop spending and printing money. 
      I would like a new car, some fine jewelry.  I also like the taste of steak but can not afford to eat it every night so I buy hamburg.  That is called living within one's means, something the politicians have no clue about because they have been in office for so long and are well taken care of by us.
     When the President wins the fight what happens next?  The truth hurts. It now seems that most the country agrees with raising the taxes for just a few -  simply because they can.  Sooner or later wealth will move, and that is the truth that hurts


OPTICIAN founder Alain Afflelou has become the latest high-profile French figure to announce he is fleeing the country - and will be settling in London instead.
Afflelou, who runs an international chain of opticians, likened anti-business sentiment to the French revolution, telling RTL: "We are going back to 1789, we need to stop saying that business leaders are thugs, thieves and dishonest people."
He said France's tax system was "unjust" and said the government was engaged in "trench warfare" towards businesspeople.
His decision to leave France comes after GĂ©rard Depardieu announced he was moving to Belgium in protest against the Socialist government's tax policies, including a headline 75% income tax rate for high earners.
A recent poll by the American Chamber of Commerce in Paris found that only 22% of the heads of the US companies in France see the country as an attractive place to do business, down from 56% last year.

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