Saturday, November 10, 2012

Living In the Land Sanity Forgot

I really feel like I am living in Bizarro world!
  Yes, the elections are over and I have to deal with the results and soon the consequences.  I think the showing of one's ID is not as much of a problem as showing your diploma from High School along with your attendance record. Did you show up for class at all?

Only in Massachusetts:

John Tierney wins again after 16 years of 'service' and personal problems against the conservative Republican Richard Tisei. Ya think he might be part of the problem we are in the crap we are in??

Scott Brown out Liz Warren in?  Really, this women played the union and women like a violin and her constant the rich a millionaires are bad theme!  She was booted out of Obama's inner circle and now she heads back to Washington.

Who was happier than me to see Barney Frank retire? Nobody! This man himself had a tarnished reputation that never seemed to keep him from returning to Washington. Because he was gay?
Joe Kennedy wins over Sean Bielat!  OMG   Wet behind the ears but still the vote of the people, why? The name? 

Guess if you are a man with balls and served your country you loose.

This is where I will add insult to injury:

Allen West out Patrick Murphy elected in Florida, why, because he is disgusted by the Tea Party? I am the Tea Party!  Don't go talking race anymore, this is a clear case of how America looks these days.  Social issues are more important than faith, class, and dignity.  Bullfeathers!

And finally, Mr. Obama wins and the Moderate Republican looses!  Mr. Romeny was not as conservative  a candidate I would have chosen to run against this guy, but at least he is an honest man.

The turning point has already come to America now the only alternative we have is to prepare for what the voters have given us and, oh yes, pray.....................

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