Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All in a Day's Work

It comes as no surprise the day has come to study who exactly in this world has the most wealth.  Not how or why you have the wealth, no, what color you are and do you really NEED so much wealth when today so many have no wealth.  Robin Hood and Politicians come to mind, just sayin.  Just be aware that the fact is in America there are less people working today than were in 2008.
When I was growing up, jobs were plenty if you wanted to work.  And most people in those years, 50's and 60's wanted to work and were not quick to take a handout from the government.  Now government is where the paychecks come from - really you and I who are still working and creating the jobs.


A “formal, structured process” for racial reconciliation, the mandatory reporting of wealth by race, and the decriminalisation of cannabis have been called for by CURB.
These initiatives came with a 15-point plan issued yesterday by Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda.
The social justic group aims to promote the pointers as election issues and move the Island toward a fairer social model where white privilege is eliminated.
Additionally, CURB’s document calls for reviving the Workforce Equity Bill, a review of the criminal justice system and greater use of restorative justice principles, and giving the vote to prison inmates.
CURB president Cordell Riley said the group wanted candidates in the pending election to endorse the 15 “talking points”, to move the discussion forward.
“We know that race is going to be coming up in the [December 17] election, one way or another,” Mr Riley said.
“What we’re trying to do is direct the discussion in a more constructive way.”
Some of the points, such as a call for the repealing of police “stop and search” powers, have already been heard by Government to some extent, he conceded: police stop and searches have declined in recent months.
Others are sure to raise eyebrows, such as the suggested mandatory reporting of wealth by race.
Expanding on the point, the document stated: “As part of their licence, financial institutions would be required to report annually, aggregate net worth data by race. This would provide the necessary information to determine if the wealth divide is changing.”
Asked to clarify, Mr Riley termed the initiative as a way of statistically tracking wealth in a way that hitherto went beneath the radar.

Couldn't happen here right? Oh, don't get too close to that cliff, you just might fall...........or jump!

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