Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

   Here I sit on the east coast awaiting hurricane Sandy.
 Pretty much every public office in Massachusetts has been shut down (as of yesterday) and the President has already promised federal dollars to our Governor Patrick.
  Funny, I seem to remember, as a kid, all was shut down AFTER the fact and not BEFORE.  How does the government decide the amount of funds (funny money at that) going for relief BEFORE the fact?
  We have a large coast line in my state and every time a storm comes along the residents again board up, dune the beaches, and await the inevitable. What changes living on the beach or too close to the ocean, nothing!
  I will add that I think the American people have become soft (surprise) now depending on the government to protect, shelter, feed, and basically take care of them.  
  I am hoping everyone will ride out the storm in safety and if need be can call on their neighbor to lend a hand, just like we all used to do back in the day of racks and hand saws.

Stay well and safe...............

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  1. We live in the middle of the country, fly over, you know, but we are praying for the safety of all of you out there. We have family in NY and MD. Hope all goes okay for you.


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