Thursday, October 25, 2012

Circle the Wagons

Hub union bosses, including a prominent Democratic lawmaker, are getting six-figure salaries and perks such as SUVs and credit cards while slamming U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and Republicans for siding with the rich, federal documents show.
State Rep. Martin Walsh (D-Boston) earned $167,911 in 2011 as secretary/treasurer of the Building and Construction Trades Council, while also taking home his $67,000 legislative salary, according to Labor Department financial records submitted by the union group.
The Building Trades organization also paid for a brand new $38,750 Jeep for Walsh to use, documents show.
“I’m not part of that 1 percent,” Walsh told the Herald.
Walsh, who is helping organize unions for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, said he considers both of his jobs full time and defended his income, saying it’s no different than many other legislators who also work as lawyers.


        We who live in Massachusetts are not all stupid and brain dead.  When Scott Brown was elected and took the seat in the Senate, held for way too many years by Teddy, I thought, hmm, "he isn't a true conservative but he isn't a Kennedy either."  But like in many parts of our country, here in Mass some just vote for the person the union tells them to vote for.  No need to use that brain God gave you!

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