Thursday, September 20, 2012

We are the Government and we are here to help you think, live, die

     I follow along as much as I can to events happening around the world.  I think in some respect it has become too late to turn back the progressive movement in our country with out a revolution.  Government has become so bloated and spending so out of control that we have no chance of turning our government around without being portrayed as heartless, racist, or homophobic.  Prime example:  people in our country do believe that government run medical care (Obamacare) is a good thing as long as they do not have to pay for it!

Freedom is not Free, someone always has to pay.

                                            Once upon a time in America:

 drive without a seatbelt and no cameras where at every stop light
 bring peanut butter sandwiches to school in paper or plastic
 purchase cigarettes and/or bottled water at a convenience store
 babysit for a neighbor without needing to be registered as a daycare center with the gov.
 receive a commendation or trophy in school because you happened to be the BEST
 organized prayer before class or a school ballgame
 wish a co-worker a Merry Christmas
 fire someone from his or her job because they sucked at it not because they might be gay or a woman
 allow a child to learn to ride a two-wheeler with out a helmet and knee pads
 public construction jobs were done on budget and done right the FIRST time

You might feel the above trite or mean spirited or even dumb.  Point being, once you give up control of your life (freedom), it is almost impossible to get it back.  Not all change is good change.  Small pieces of control are being taken away or changed in the name of the common good,  soon they will be thought of as normal or even silly to think differently or the way life was.  Am I making any sense?


EXERCISE could become available on prescription, in a bid to cut the costs to the healthcare system of treating illness linked to being unfit.
The idea is supported by the Health Ministry and the ComitĂ© National Olympique et Sportif (CNOSF), who are running national “Sport-Health-Wellbeing” days this week, starting today.
Sports Minister ValĂ©rie Fourneyron, who is a sports doctor, says the benefits of sport on prescription (and state-reimbursed) have “largely been proven”.
“It’s a question of the right dose,” she said. “If you overtrain you get pathologies linked to overuse, but when there is no activity there are risks linked to sedentariness, responsible for 15% of deaths.”
A body promoting the use of sport and fitness for health, Imaps, says people who are active spend on average €250 less per year on healthcare than those who are not. It says that funding fitness programmes, at an appropriate level, can lead to savings for the state.
It estimates that €150 per year for a suitable activity for 10% of people diagnosed with long-term illnesses would mean €56million in savings for social security because of reduced medical treatments.
The various federations of the CNOSF are going to set up committees to study the benefits of each kind of sport, said the agency’s head, Alain Calmat, a former sports minister.
He said the aim would be to help doctors work out what kind of sport would be best-suited to patients with certain kinds of illness. Specific working groups have been set up on sport and cancer, obesity, cardio-vascular illness and ageing.
The “Sport-Health-Wellbeing” days are the third such initiative, and will involve taster sessions in different kinds of sports, in schools and higher education, the workplace and – this weekend - for the general public. The aim is to encourage people of all ages and abilities (including disabled people) to consider new ways of keeping active.

Pharmacists in Attica are extending their no credit policy to National Organization for Healthcare Provision (EOPYY) patients until the end of the month. The decision was reached during a general assembly meeting concluded late on Wednesday.
Speaking on Skai radio on Thurday, Health Minister Andreas Lykourentzos called on pharmacists to suspend this type of action, arguing that the ministry will keep its pledges and stick to the payment schedule which has been announced. The pharmacists are demanding money owed to them for medicines sold in July as well as sums owed from prescriptions carried out last year.
Pharmacies in Piraeus, meanwhile, are supplying medicines on credit to EOPYY customers.

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